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Feel so strongly about using Kauai Couples Massage with your partner

Massage Therapy for Couples can refer to both individuals receiving massage at the same time, in a single room, or adjoining rooms. It can also address couples taking turns to massage each other. Bringing couples together via Kauai Couples Massage is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in massage therapy. Sharing special times together with a loved one doesn’t get any better than a massage and coming together in this calming – and healing – experience inspires closeness, thereby heightening the experience for its participants.

When both partners receive Kauai Couples Massage at the same time, they will be moving the same speed. It can be a bit tough when one person returns home really relaxed, and the other side of the couple has been in high gear! We have had a number of couples in our practice in the last decade that has regular appointments for both of them to receive massage at the same time. They both have similar views on the necessity of taking care of their bodies, reducing stress on their systems, and maintaining their muscles in a healthy way. The couples are also able to share some of the ‘moves’ they receive from their massage therapist with their partners, when they exchange massage in their homes.

Listed below are just some of the benefits that people are enjoying as the result of a Kauai Couples Massage.

• Relief from tension and stress that results from the ultimate level of relaxation your body enters during the massage.

• A couple’s Kauai Massage allows people to strengthen their relationships by taking pleasure in something together – with no one else in the room (except the massage therapists).

• It’s a great way to remove the apprehension that some people (particularly men) feel about the nudity involved in a Kauai Massage. Having their significant other in the room tends to remove the inhibition and heighten the pleasure of the experience.

• A massage for couples comes in handy as a wonderful gift for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or “just because”.

• It can also be a great way to spend time with your mother, aunt or best friend who you never seem to connect with as much as you’d like.


• Not only will a massage for couples fortify your mental health, but your body will also benefit from the healing properties it provides.

We have a lot of experience with Massages in Kauai therapy for couples, when they share massage as part of their connecting to each other. One of the realizations we had years ago, in relation to touch, added to the importance of massage as a means of communication for a couple. We read in an article how rarely we, do as a society, experience touch that is without expectation.

You and your loved one are given a massage in the same room – at the same time – by two different therapists. As far as couples massage etiquette, it’s fine to talk to each other through the massage, as opposed to the traditional silence of a single massage. The choice is yours… it’s your time together, but discuss this important topic together before you begin your massage.

We have people tap us to move aside, we have people position us for pictures, or appearance, we have people guide us in a direction, but rarely do we receive touch, just for the sake of connection to another person. Massage can be touch, just for the connection. When a couple uses Massages in Kauai as a means of expanding their communication, it opens up a deeper level of safety and connection.

The health benefits of Massages in Kauai address many of our modern ills. Assisting in circulation, deepening and slowing respiration, reducing heart rate and blood pressure, as well as reducing secretion of stress hormones and increasing those feel-good hormones, endorphins. Massage Therapy for Couples brings a lot of connection and health benefits with it…so, learn a new way to communicate today!

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